Welcome message

I feel greatly honored and a deep sense of responsibility to serve as the 5th President of KGOG, and I am truly grateful to you all.

As with all disciplines, the field of oncology, particularly gynecologic oncology through clinical trials, continues to add new information and develop day by day. It is common knowledge of every researcher that the success of a clinical trial not only benefits the patient, but also contributes significantly to the development of the medical community, which is a motivation for many researchers.

Since its inception in 2002 as a clinical research organization of domestic and international multicenter clinical trials for gynecologic cancers, KGOG has grown into a leading gynecologic cancer research organization with the initial efforts of President Soon-Beom Kang, followed by the contributions of Presidents Joo-Hyun Nam, Byoung-Gie Kim and Yong Man Kim, marking the 20th anniversary this year. This research society has contributed greatly to the development of gynecologic cancer research in Korea by conducting KGOG-Led research studies, KGOG participation in research, and through joint research with leading international research institutions (NRG, GCIG, and JGOG). This has resulted in both monumental clinical results and significant improvements in the ability to conduct research.

The KGOG is at a stage where we can take another step forward. In the midst of new chemotherapeutic agents and all of the clinical information that are pouring in, we must continue to work to separate the wheat from the chaff through networking and by leveraging the achievements we have made this far. To achieve meaningful research results, you need ideas, skilled personnel, and adequate research funding. KGOG executives, members, and CRAs are working today to secure research funds and create ideas under the name of KGOG.

Lastly, if motivated researchers approach KGOG at any time, we have low barriers to help you and your leaders conduct clinical trials.

Thank You.


We thank and welcome the various members who attended this semi-annual meeting (SAM) of KGOG despite the difficult situation due to COVID19.

This SAM was prepared in a different format and content from the previous SAM. We have prepared a workshop for each committee individually, focusing on the research being conducted at KGOG and the research we want to carry out. Thank you to the chair, co-chair, secretaries, and members of each committee for preparing and presenting each committee workshop held simultaneously in a total of 4 rooms.

In addition, I think it will be an opportunity to collaborate with KCSG through the newly established Medical Oncology Committee.

Trial and error and inconvenient points may occur in the new SAM format, and there are committees that cannot participate in this SAM, but we hope that the next SAM will be an opportunity for KGOG to develop a step further by revising and supplementing it.

Thank you.